There are variety of ways to make your man happy and made him and long for you even more.

1. Sexy Gestures drives men’s intimacy.
Seduce your man and excite him. Send signals and message to him and make sure that he gets the message. Flirt with him, touch his balls, feel his hard on.

2. Excite him.
Try licking the tips of his dick without blowing it for few minutes. Then stop at some intervals. This will make him want you more. Tease you man till he begs you for more! Don’t go straight to the action, let him enjoy the fun and thrill.

3. Live the moment.
Forget about everything. Avoid topics that will make him uneasy. Like who’s the better girl. Don’t open any can of worms that will kill your mans drive. Live the moment, appreciate his dick, tell him how good you feel about his manhood. Give all your attention to him.

4. Good blow job.
Blow his balls and play with him before getting into action. This simple act will please him more.

5. Initiate sex positions.
Don’t let him tell you want to do and when to change positions. At some point. Take the lead. Tell him about position that you are comfortable and be open to new suggestions and experiment with him.

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