Have you tried jerking off in public bus?

” Fun In Public “



Finally, the long hours of sitting inside this class of my highschool life for the day are over!

I am not in the mood to play around with these thugs today. I felt like my energy is drained and I don’t feel like hanging out with my stupid friends after class today. So, I found myself heading home carrying my bag. As always, my parents were busy so, there’s no one here to pick me up. Which is something that I like.

Cold as the breeze, the wind gently blows around my neck while approaching the bus stop. This awakened my senses and got a vibe that I am finally up for something fun! I am the only person here at the bus stop, and it fine. I keep looking around the streets while watching some chirping birds playing around.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, I felt an itchy feeling around my pants pocket so I scratched it for a moment. Not knowing that I haven’t removed my left hand holding my bulge. It kept me playing with my zipper up and down while thinking that I am touching my dick’s head.

As the blue bus arrives at 2:30 in the afternoon, I saw a guy starring at me from the windows. He caught my attention for a moment, and I saw his eyes looking at my bulge while my left hand is touching it. So, I hopped onto the bus, and luckily I sat next to him. As the bus hits the road, my phone rang and it was my classmates.

” Hey! I am on my way home, maybe next time? “

” Your girlfriend? ” the guy asked.

” Nah, that was my classmates ” I replied.

” I am Nathan,” he said.

” Andrew ” I responded, as I glanced at his face.

For a few seconds, I noticed his ripped body, and the beard on his face gives more shape that makes him fucking hot. It makes me think that he is showing it on purpose. His eyes were cold as the night and his pinkish lips convey were probably at the same age of 25. Oh my god, this feeling sucks. It felt like my genes are bumping.

As we continue talking to each other for 5 minutes, I felt something moving around my legs. I thought it was my bag so I didn’t mind it. But, as another 3 minutes go by, I felt a hand moving towards my balls. I looked at it, and I was surprised that it was Nathan’s hand playing at my balls.

His warm hand, massaging my balls felt like the heavens. It feels so freaking good and it starts to turn me on. Helpless as a baby, I can’t do a thing but let him touch me. While biting my lips.


(Deep breath)


(Deep breath)

(Deep breath)

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Author: Fil Gran

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